Windows Hello and 1Password make password management easy

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I love the combination of Windows Hello and 1Password. It makes password management easy.

In the link above I wrote about my experience with 1Password. What is Windows Hello? Is the feature that on some laptops recognizes you by your face. What this means is that I only need to look a the camera briefly (I don’t even need to move) and it unlocks the 1Password application and auto-applies the username and password. I only need to click Login to log in.

This is superior to the experience on the Mac. On the Mac, it prompts me for the 1Password password to open the vault. In some ways using a PC is faster, and in some ways using a Mac is faster.

What else I love about Windows Hello is if it is night and dark it will prompt me for a passcode (number like a PIN) instead of doing the facial recognition. This is great if I have to quickly check something. A pin is faster to put in and safer than a password.

When I am a consultant with companies I always tell them the benefits of Windows Hello and if they act interested I help them set it up. It’s pretty easy. What else I like about it is that there are other ways that Windows Hello can authenticate you if you don’t want to use the PIN or face method. It is a really neat way to securely log people in and to make it more intuitive and easy.

Is there a downside to using it? Perhaps when you get a new computer assigned to you then you need to train it with your face again. I don’t mind that and don’t see that as a downside. I’m glad that Microsoft doesn’t store my face in the cloud and I don’t mind having to train each laptop I use with my face.

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The more ways that people can securely log in to their computers the safer we all are. Vive Windows Hello!