When you do IT you tend to blow circuits

Never Happy Funny Comic

Lately, I have tripped the circuit breakers in my apartment. I know, it’s my fault. I have too many electronic devices working at the same time.

Why am I sharing this? Being an IT consultant and using lots of equipment in older apartments like I am currently living in can be a challenge. Hopefully, this will no longer be an issue if I get my dream.

I am interviewing new apartments and one of the things that will happen is that I will get a newer electrical service. The apartment building I am in now was built in 1951 and they are way behind the times. While living here has been interesting, I am ready to move to bigger and better things.

Never Happy Funny Comic
never happy funny comic

Many of the places I am looking at are newer renovated or built more recently. I am most excited about a luxury apartment building. I have never lived in luxury housing before, but it may be a requirement. Many of the cheaper apartments don’t include utilities, and the luxury buildings do include them so a lower total price to live. It will also be nice to have access to a washer/dryer again. While sending clothes out to be cleaned is nice, it is a bit of a hassle and I’m ok with not needing to do that anymore.

Now that I said that, let’s talk about the blown circuits. Having a TV, 4 laptops, and two electric heaters turned to max is too much for this poor apartment to take. With the luxury apartment it has forced air which means I won’t need to run the electric heaters. That would be fantastic. One downside of the electric heaters is that I am always worried when I leave them on at night, and not having to worry about that will be more relaxing.

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I had the electrician come to my apartment twice to work on issues and replace the fuse. He said that one of the fuses cost $150. That seems pricey to me for a fuse that isn’t that complex. However, since it is older, perhaps it is less common. When I was younger I used to change the fuses that you had to screw into the box and then take out when they blew. I am so grateful for the switches that you can just switch back and it works.

I’m glad that fuses exist to protect from overheating and one day I will have low-energy devices so that I won’t be breaking them anymore. Isn’t progress wonderful?