When it rains its pours

Raining Comic

Have you ever had a time when you needed something, but it didn’t appear?

I have that experience often. Whenever I don’t need something, I get plenty of it. For example, I am in a stable relationship now, and the older I get, the more people are interested in me. This is not to brag just frustrating when I was younger I would have been in a better position to make better choices in my life.

Raining Comic
raining comic

Or with a job? If you are looking for a job, sometimes you get a cluster of interviews/job offers at once. Isn’t that funny how it works out? When I am contacted about a better job I often have multiple recruiters contacting me at once. It is a wonderful experience to be able to have multiple offers to choose from and then decide what seems to work best for you.

This is happening with my online game as well. I needed certain pieces and once I got it, then I got a ton of them at the same time. Which then isn’t the critical piece that I need anymore. I know that game designers create bottlenecks and hope you will buy that content, but since I am an FTP Free to Play player I just wait and eventually, it comes to me.

So really in life, it’s about being patient and waiting. Now sometimes in life, it doesn’t give you what you need. Each day I  work towards what I need/want and eventually life gives it to me. I don’t believe that just by praying or wishing things will happen to me. You have to do something each day to increase the odds of it happening, and sometimes directly doing what will cause it it happen. Eventually, there is a way that things align and you get what you need.

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Work towards your goal and bring an umbrella when it comes time to rain.