When community is important

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Community is important, when people have no family, or money and find themselves in desperate situations.

I watched a touching video from Japan where the interviewer asked people if Japan was poor and how their lives were. He asked a variety of people and one of them was a 91-year-old woman.

That woman couldn’t sit up straight because of her age and she shared that her only source of money was a tiny government pension. She was in Toyoko and the cheapest apartment would take 70% of her income. That wouldn’t be enough to survive on because of the cost of food/medicine. She was in a bad situation and said something very surprising “The landlord let me live there for free.”

Little Bo Peep Comic
little bo peep comic

She also said that when she was younger everyone in Japan “shared the same heart” and had a community. She said that now that everyone is only concerned for themselves then society isn’t what it used to be. All old people say society wasn’t what it used to be, and it is true. Times change. What should not change is that we have concern for others, and help others as we can.

I was so touched when she said that her landlord let her live in her small studio apartment for free. Many older Japanese women commit crimes so that they can live out their final years in prison, and some of them interviewed said that they had regular meals in prison when they were not they didn’t eat and exist as well. When someone has to commit a crime to get fed and shelter, we have failed as a civilization.

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Many people trust in family, money, or connections, but what I have seen in life is that when you put your trust in external things they will fail. I see it in IT and every aspect of my life. Nothing is more safe than treating others with kindness, and trusting that Karma will take care of you. In the end, I only have Karma to help me, and when I die I hope that I left the world more kind than I found it.