When a horse almost killed me

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I was a small kid who had relatives who had a farm. We visited with them and they asked if I had ever ridden a horse and wanted to do so. I hadn’t done that so I said sure let’s try it.

The horse was gentle and calm and there are no exciting stories about a wild horse ride where I fell off. However, what did start to happen was that I started to sneeze and it became worse. Much worse and my eyes started to water and I started to wheeze rather quickly. I got off the horse and went inside the house and it got worse.

I started to have problems breathing and my skin was starting to change colors. It was an uncomfortable feeling. The adult who was watching this said that if I continued to struggle she would call 911 but I felt were were already past that point. I struggled to breathe and I fought for every breath. Eventually, I could breathe more normally and someone came by to pick me up.

Why am I sharing this? I had a friend recently have a serious medical issue that caused them to go to the emergency room. I told them that I knew what it’s like to be afraid of your health face a life-threatening situation and go to the emergency room. I have faced that many times in my life. My curious nature led me to have experiences that were not helpful to my health and well-being. My friends felt better that I could empathize with them. It is easy for me to empathize with almost everyone. Mostly because I have had a similar experience I vividly remember.

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Years later I went to a doctor who did an allergy test and it showed that I was allergic to horses/cats and many things and I stayed away from them. Years later I had a doctor cure my allergies and I was able to eat things that used to make me instantly feel sick like sugar. Now that I am no longer allergic to horses I could go for a ride to test it out but I am not motivated to do that. I don’t need to test my cure. I know it works with my other allergies.

I am so fortunate to live in this period where medical care healed me. I feel so fortunate to have the life that I do.