What is your superpower?

Superman Superpower
Superman Superpower
superman superpower

I realized some time ago what my superpower was. It helps if you understand what you are good at.

For me, my superpower is realizing when I am wrong. This may not sound important, but it has made a world of difference for me.

If I had to guess why I developed this skill, it could have been my early involvement with computers. I used to make them do things with simple programming languages and when it didn’t work, at first I blamed the computer. Then I saw my mistake in the code and realized it was me. Now if there is a problem with a computer I always assume it is me, even when the computer system has been misconfigured. As a system administrator, I should be aware enough to realize how misconfiguration will affect operations, and solve them.

Your growth as a person is not seeing yourself as a victim of someone else, even if you technically are. It doesn’t matter if we are victims at some point, we have to realize it and take steps to solve it. I am not blaming the victim here. Of course, no one should be a victim. However it also is true that personality responsibility is key in life, so I have very little patience with people who are adults who claim to be victims of others. Victimhood is essentially powerlessness. It is hard for me to see adult, rich, white men as victims. Does this mean that men are never victims? Of course not. However, this is not what I am talking about. I am talking about people who manipulate others by being the victim when they are the ones victimizing others.

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I have shared many of the mistakes I have made in my life here. It is common for me each day to realize that a thought/belief/action is not what is required in that situation. For example, I once had a neighbor who parked in my assigned parking spot. Standing outside by his car and calling the towing company he came out and confronted me. He was a police officer and had his official police sign out and I took a picture and was going to follow up with his supervisor. Abusing his authority to get parking. I was emotional. It wasn’t right what he was doing. When he spoke to me about what I was doing I told him that I was calling to get his car towed and then I would be following up with his supervisor. Even though I was upset, he offered to move and not do that again. Part of me wanted him to have consequences, but another part of me said “You won” let it go. I listened to that part of me and breathed deeply and thanked him for being responsible and moving his vehicle.

We can always hold others accountable, but we can also choose to forgive and let go. I don’t know what is right for you, but as much as possible I try to forgive and let go. The police officer never parked in that spot again and I felt good that I didn’t make a mistake in being kind and forgiving.