What if the AI boom is just another flash in the pan?

AI computer comic

There is some strong evidence in this Vox article Is the AI boom already over?

AI computer comic
AI computer comic

The article talks about all of the different ways that AI is failing to live up to the hype. How could it live up to the hype? Since everyone talked about it, it was like the second coming.

We saw people on LinkedIn suddenly talk about it without any technology background or context. You don’t have to work in technology to talk about technology things, but it does help you appreciate the context in which things happen.

In small limited ways, AI is helping some companies. For example here: California winemakers are using A.I. to combat climate change challenges

However, when everyone wants to do what is easy and simple, it just breaks down. I have seen posts written by AI and they are boring. They have no personality, nothing that compels you to read them. Readers want a bon mot. A surprise in language and style. A silly SF reference like making the Kessel run in 12 parsecs.

Otherwise, life becomes as dull as the regurgitated trash we are asked to believe passes as entertainment.

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