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Just A Screen
Just A Screen
just a screen

I have a USB drive near my computer only a few inches away from me. It has the new OpenSuse boot setup on it and I am debating if I should put it on my secondary computer.

This is a struggle for me. Part of me wants the best security and features with OS. However, the other part is that Cinnamon is such a beautiful environment. It sounds silly probably to most readers who don’t think in terms of an Operating system being beautiful, but when you are an IT person who works with it very closely it becomes part of who you are. Your environment can have a huge role in defining who you become.

Yet OpenSuse can do cinnamon just without Bluetooth support and while I could certainly use a pair of wired headphones I have grown to love the Bluetooth headphones I am using. So I am forced to choose OpenSuse instead of Linux Mint despite its obvious charms.

Like anything in life what you do has to be more than just the surface. I had to leave situations that on the surface seemed nice, but there were more troubled and difficult issues they were hiding like Linux Mint and how it handles NVIDIA cards and security. You have to choose what is the most helpful at all times, even if you are tempted by things that are not helpful.

Beauty and art are nice but at the end of the day, the computer is a tool and the best tool for what I do is OpenSuse. Working in IT Linux Mint has too many limitations for me.

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