We will survive

kirby courage comic

It is difficult for almost everyone these days with the uncertainty caused by Covid-19. Scientists say that no matter how bad it gets, it won’t kill the human race, so that is good news.

kirby courage comic
kirby courage comic

I understand that this threatens people’s economic and physical survival. I have a weaker respiratory system so I am at risk as well. However, one thing that I learned as a child is that you have to check your fears or you won’t have a life worth living.

I had a dream once where I was in an old 18th-century factory. You know the kind with the mechanical wheels and that sort of level of technology. It was very dark. The only light was from above and it was a small 5-foot round radius from my feet. I could see from that light that the factory wheels were being eaten by acid and everything was slowly dissolving. I of course thought this was real and I became very concerned for my safety and well-being. I noticed the more afraid I was the smaller the circle of light became. I realized that my fear was causing this and that no matter what I was not just a physical being but also a spiritual one. Immediately the light grew from my feet and the entire space became light and the factory acid stopped, and a door was before me that I walked through into the light of the day.

Now what this means to me, is that the world can be scary and feel like it is all falling apart. Times like now test your belief system. If we are just physical beings and die, then this is just part of life. However, if we are more than physical beings, then our spirit our essence can’t die. I don’t know what the truth is, but frankly either way is okay with me. I would rather die a single death than be afraid and die 1,000 deaths.

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Life requires courage. Be calm and accept fate and you help everyone around you.