We imitate people we admire

'Well this is just great!. . . She was my life coach.'
'Well this is just great!. . . She was my life coach.'
‘Well, this is just great!. . . She was my life coach.’

We don’t always realize it, but we imitate people we admire.

I caught myself doing this last week. I did a gesture that @MobileGamer365 who talks about Marvel¬† Strike Force content does. I had never done it before seeing him do it. When I did it I was like, MobileGamer does this and then I realized that I was imitating him! I didn’t plan on doing it but it happened. I laughed at myself.

This more subtly happens with words. My friend told me that one of the unique words that I say “helpful” is something they say and they found their staff was also starting to say it as well. It is fun to see when you influence others and don’t plan on doing it. This has happened often where I have worked. I have discovered people using some of the words that I use and I smile when I hear someone say one of my unique words.

If it doesn’t happen more overtly it happens with thoughts and behavior. We internalize the best that we see in others and we admire that part of them. I have often admired others that I have met and learned many things from almost everyone. It helps in life to always be open to learning life’s lessons and you will learn something new every day.

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