Was given an Apple watch

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I was given an Apple watch yesterday to test that changes made to a company’s infrastructure don’t break this vital tool they use. It is my first one and it is surprisingly useful.

I have only used it a short time but in that time it has kept me from having to get up to get my phone for a passcode. I have MFA on everything and frequently have to get up from my chair to get the passcode since my phone is in its charging dock. This phone might actually make me more active.

The reason I say that is because it just popped up a message that told me to get moving. Today I have to see the dentist so I will get plenty of steps today. It might be interesting to quantify how much exercise I get. That could be worth the price right there. I got the new SE model and to me, it is pretty comfortable. I don’t tend to like watches because in the past the bands have always irritated my skin. However, the rubbery-like texture hasn’t seemed to cause me issues so far.

I must admit that I avoided the Apple watch in the past. I didn’t want to have to charge another device and I didn’t think I could use it enough to justify the cost. However working with users who have Apple devices it was something that I didn’t know about, and just on that basis I probably should have bought it sooner. In business, some users used an Apple watch, but no company officially supports it. It was always a “best effort” case and for most users, they didn’t seem to have problems with it.

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It is going to take a bit to feel comfortable with its abilities. I did a speech and send it in Outlook and didn’t receive that message yet. It worked yesterday so I’m not sure what is going on today. I have two accounts synced to my Outlook on my phone and it doesn’t seem to recognize the second account. I will research and see what the deal there is. If it can sync with the phone which it seems to, it can be a useful tool.

I liked how it showed the bank balances from my banking app. That was fun and neat. I wish I could delete the other apps that I don’t use. The interface is ok but I’m not crazy about the watch face styles. It would be better if Apple would let people make their watch faces.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, maybe it’s time to try an Apple watch.