Walking feels great

walking exercise comic

Going for a walk feels great. I always enjoyed doing that with my dog.

One of the only things I miss about going to the office is that I would go for a walk to get there. It was a very long walk, and in cold/hot weather it wasn’t fun at all. I don’t miss that part. However, I have decided that I am going on regular walks and I started already. In my apartment building, the garbage cans are a block away and so I took the garbage out early since it was smelling and I needed to exercise.

My doctor says that walking is a great low-impact exercise that helps you stay healthy. I have noticed in the past when I had a dog and we went on walks every day that I felt better and more energetic. I thought that going for a walk would make me feel tired, but it made me feel that I had more energy. It was also a great stress reliever. While I am not fond of the sun shining on me, I can wear a hat and with shades, it’s not a bad experience.

Why am I sharing this with you? I think anyone who does WFH has to incorporate some kind of regular exercise to be healthy. I feel this way especially after using the Apple Watch which is constantly asking me about being healthy and telling me when I hit certain goals. I have appreciated being able to see my heart rate and see into my sleeping behavior. That has been interesting and fun. I have made changes to my lifestyle and continue to make changes to it.

If you can’t afford personal training, the Apple Watch is a rough guide to being healthier. I like being healthy and being more active is a growing role for me.

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