Vision has always been a problem for me and apparently for others

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I once had a girlfriend tell me after I turned the lights off “You sure look sexy in the dark compared to the light.” I didn’t let it slow me down.

You gotta keep moving in life. Many times a girlfriend or friend would ask me how they look. Since I don’t see anything with my glasses they often ask when my glasses are off. I tell them they look like an angel. Which is true. All I see is a fuzzy image.

This causes a problem at night, however. Then I can’t see in two ways. When it’s dark and my glasses are off I have to feel my way to the bathroom. This usually works ok but I have gotten more bumps than a drunk camel trying to knock a fruit off a tree.

What I love is when I have my glasses off and take a nap. Then in my dream, I can see perfectly fine. So if I see I know it’s a dream because even with glasses there are fuzzy parts.

One girlfriend said that she sees perfect and she doesn’t have the defect that I do. No, her only defect was her cruelty.

When I used to act I couldn’t always wear glasses because it didn’t always fit with the character. So I would bump into things sometimes on stage. My other actors would help me backstage where it was dark which was nice. When you seem helpless sometimes people pity you.

One customer I had was blind and liked not having to worry about seeing pretty things all the time. I wondered how that experience would be. Would I be as happy if I were blind as he? I must admit that happiness has never been affected by my lack of site. Happiness may not be in the eye of the beholder but in the heart.

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