Violating boundaries leads to lost business

Boundaries are the lines that people deserve to have respected, or something they ask you to respect. I have found that people who violate them are people I don’t wish to deal with.

I had a recruiter contact me about a position in the past. Unfortunately he called me during my work hours when I was working for another company at the time. I have a rule that I don’t use the employers time for anything other than either becoming a better employee or doing the job. So when the recruiter called I told him that I was at work and that I would call him back later. He said he had a quick question (violation number one) and asked me the question. I answered and then hung up.

Ok so he violated one boundary but I thought that perhaps it was a one time thing. It was not I was soon to learn. He called me back and asked me another question. I told him that I had instructed him to email me and I would promptly answer at my earliest convenience. Then I hung up again.

Later that day after work he called me back and I told him that I was no longer interested in the job. He asked why and I said that it was partly the job and the salary, but it was also him. I explained that I didn’t appreciate him not respecting my boundaries about calls during work. I didn’t say anything the first time, but I had to speak up the second time. I said that I wasn’t interested in working with him in the future.

Listen recruiters, I understand that someone may be a good fit for a position. I appreciate your enthusiasm but not at the expense of respect and courtesy. If someone doesn’t respect you in small things they aren’t going to respect you in larger issues. You can not make someone want to do business with you if you put your needs and convenience ahead of your clients. If you want me to look at a job, treat me like an adult.

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