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Very few people argue for something other than their own interests

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I have noticed in life that very few people argue for something other than their own interests.

Often on LinkedIn, I see thoughtless arguments. Arguments are made without facts, logic, or a view of the greater good. I see people who want things to be a certain way because it benefits them and doesn’t help society at large.

Take for example the constant argument about WFH/hybrid/in-office. This shouldn’t even be an argument. If you can do the work from home, then do it. Companies that are too stuck in the past to offer this option will die. It’s just as simple as that. Employees won’t work for a company that doesn’t offer this option when they want it. If they do take a hybrid/in-office job is simply to bid their time until they get a better offer. Why do you think there was a great resignation? Do you think that people were happy with their in-office jobs? Yet the solution is “return to office”. This is the same brain-dead refrain that happens at companies that fail.

Companies that fail don’t listen to their employees and don’t value their preferred work style. I have worked in many companies that have failed, and what I have seen is that controlling managers drove away the smartest people and what was left was unable to compete. That is what companies do when they say “return to office”. Sure they get people back, but they aren’t engaged and they aren’t smart. They won’t do their best work because now you have imposed costs that they didn’t use to have, in an environment that is having record inflation. If wages are stagnant and inflation occurs, how is it possible that employees want to spend more money to commute to an office?

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Ignore the money for a moment. What you are effectively telling your workforce is that they don’t get to have their own adult agency, and they don’t get to decide the course of their life. Do you think you have loyalty because they are in the office? Not at all. You have forced them to resent you, and they will leave. It is certain.