Use for Logitech multiple device support

mouses fault comic

I finally was able to use a feature on the Logitech MX mouse that I have. I connected it to three different computers, and it might save me time.

Why am I sharing this? It occurred to me that using this feature would save time and also be more pleasant than using the built-in trackpad on some of the laptops I am using. I also like how using a mouse keeps your computer cleaner if you are eating while working.

mouses fault comic
mouses fault comic

To protect the computer I always put my drink someplace that even if it falls, it can’t damage the computer. I have already learned that lesson. I only use the mouse if I am eating something clean like a sandwich and then make sure it is clean every few days. I like things to be clean, and that includes everything in my environment.

I have used the Logitech MX mouse for a long time and I love it. It is the most comfortable mouse I have had. No, they are not paying me to say this. I have tried ergonomic mice and was disappointed. I can rest my hand on it and it feels comfortable. I am so fortunate to have ergonomic equipment.

Which brings me to this. Having that big screen is a benefit for being flexible and learning. With the big screen, I can easily cook something in the kitchen and learn. I can’t do that with a small computer screen. One future article will be about the benefits of having a projector; the list is already formulated in my mind. Once you have a big image from a projector, you adjust to it and then you wonder how you got along with it. I’m in that stage now.

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It takes time, but you find out what works for you. It is such a pleasure to be able to use these things.