USB C adapter works with Razer BlackShark Headset

Razer Blackshark

I love the Razer BlackShark headset. I have had it for several years and it works perfectly. I also like the Astro headset as well.

Why am I sharing this? I brought it to a friend yesterday and because it uses a USB B plug-in adapter, it was not compatible with the Macbook Pro that I wanted to connect it to that only has USB C. My friend however solved the issue. She had a USB C to USB B adapter and I plugged it in to try it. At first, it didn’t seem like anything was happening, but the Mac recognized the adapter and allowed it to be a sound output. I was thrilled.

Razer Blackshark
razer blackshark

Originally I thought that I could connect it to the Bluetooth of the TV or use the USB B adapter on the smart TV. It turns out that it didn’t have Bluetooth and it didn’t recognize it plugged into the USB B port. It was much more reliable plugging it directly into the computer.

The sound was perfect and I am so glad to have the ability to use this headset on devices that don’t have a USB B port. I have been so happy that I bought this headset. Of course, it does noise canceling and I have used it on business Zoom calls and my coworker said I sounded perfect with no background noise. I don’t get any benefits from sharing this other than knowing it works great.

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