US Mobile cell phone moved me to the wrong plan

Baby Texting Cell Phone

I shared earlier that I moved to US Mobile cell phone service. Yesterday they charged me for the wrong plan.

When I signed up I was sure that I had chosen the $25 plan but I was billed for the $40 plan. A quick chat with customer service on the webpage fixed this. It was a surprise for sure.

When I looked on the webpage it said that my next plan would renew at the $40 rate after that change last night. I thought this was strange and maybe the system didn’t update. So I switched that to the $25 plan. When I look at my cell phone’s US Mobile app it says it will renew with the $40 plan so it could be not updated/synchronized with the webpage. I always trust a webpage information compared to what is shown in an app.

Baby Texting Cell Phone
Baby texting cell phone

Part of me wants to contact customer service to see if this is just a bug in how the app works. The other part wants to see what happens when the next billing cycle happens. I haven’t decided what I will do. Normally I am proactive, but if there is an intentional effort to upgrade people without them noticing I will share that and switch companies.

Now to be fully transparent, this could be my fault. I said that I thought I had chosen the $25 plan but it was my first time and I could have made a mistake. If that is the case, then all of this is on me, and US Mobile is a fine company and doing what they planned. I don’t think they are deceptive. Yes, this isn’t what I wanted to deal with, but support fixed the issue and nothing is perfect. Time will tell.

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How is the actual phone service in greater NYC? It is better than any other cell phone company I have used. I only have dropped calls with one friend with bad company, and everyone else comes through loud and clear. I am so pleased with the service and the price point so far.

Is there a downside? I’m not crazy about chatting through text with support, but they are efficient and some ways better than the phone. The phone can get disconnected, have terrible hold music, and have poor voice quality. Perhaps chatting through text is a superior way and I am just holding on to the past. Hmm.

Oh, I found out that US Mobile has priority traffic so you don’t have to worry about being deprioritized in heavy traffic. That can be helpful if you go to dense regions like events in NYC. So far this has worked very well for me.