Upskilling is the best thing you can do with your free time

job skills comic
job skills comic
job skills comic

I have focused on upskilling for the past few years and every job that I get is a higher salary than my last one. This isn’t to brag but to say that if you work hard and study and try things you can progress your career.

Now this isn’t easy. I’m not suggesting a hustle/grind culture here by the way. I am just saying that if you have a choice between watching some stupid entertainment and learning something new, then learning something new is both personally and professionally rewarding.

Part of this is driven by my curiosity. I know that not everyone is curious. Plenty of people are happy with what they know and don’t wish to learn more. Thats fine for them but it was never fine for me. Every day I put one of my cherished beliefs in a search engine to see if I can find evidence to support it or not. If I can’t find evidence then I change that Point of View.

I shared that I liked John Savills Microsoft tutorials. I have been focusing on him lately and trying to get through his playlist. He is such an incredible content producer that this is going to take some time but be well worth it. I’m just starting with the newest videos and working my way backward. I watched a 9 1/2 Azure cert course requirements and it was interesting. I learned a few things and that is always fun. It is a good feeling when you understand something better and that knowing it better will help your clients as well.

Being able to make what is complicated and simple is so rewarding in IT. It is one of the reasons why I enjoy it so much. I have been fortunate to have good technology teachers who helped me understand technology. I owe my life to those people, on the internet and in real life who helped me. Thank you!

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