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Career Explorer Results

I just took an amazing questionnaire that showed my skills and made me feel good in the process. It is called https://www.careerexplorer.com and here are my results below.

Career Explorer Results
Career Explorer Results

As you can see in the photo above it shows the traits that you have as you answer questions. Many of those traits they said were rare like Trusting others for example. I liked that the questions were fair and that you got feedback based on the answers that you gave.

What is amazing to me is that this is free. They don’t even ask for your email address like most other aptitude testing sites do. They offered more personalized reports at the bottom which I would do if I needed it, but it was a wonderful experience to visit this site. It took about 30ish minutes but it was easy to do and it was well done. They asked for optional and minimal personal information but they didn’t demand it or check to verify if you submitted the correct information.

Understanding yourself is a lifelong process. If you have the wisdom to seek help from others, it can improve the happiness of your life. I thought that this site’s suggestions and explanations of things made sense. It even gave you strategies to deal with your strengths. For example one of my qualities that is not shown is called Empathic Dreamer. I am empathic and can see others’ lack of responsibility as a virtue by explaining it away with creative reasons. I have to hold others to the same standard that I hold myself. Very practical.

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I think everyone would benefit from visiting this site. I get no benefit from sharing this. I just thought it was a thoughtful way to learn what makes you happy in life.