Trying new things

try new things comic

Every day I try new things. Most days things don’t work, but sometimes they work very well.

Today for example I discovered a more efficient process at work that makes my job easier. Other coworkers can be helped faster, and it could be rolled out to more people if needed. It is rewarding to find a way to create an easy way for a solution to be fixed. However getting to this process took a little bit of research and time. I worked with another coworker to test this and when we were done we created the ability to easily uninstall a program. In the old way we used to ask people to run an application and paste in some code we sent them and then they had to use their password. Time consuming and full of questions.

However this trying new things works best I think in your personal life. When you try new things about how you live and what you do, you can find a better way. I am always looking at ways to make things easier and better for everyone. For me, optimizing things is kind of fun. What can be done to make things easier and more environmental for example?

Today for example I used the solar power to charge my LED lights and battery. Having solar power and being able to generate it is a really meaningful way that I am helping to reduce my carbon footprint. I do as much as is practical to reduce my carbon footprint and I know that I could do more but you have to start with where you are. Lately I have been experimenting with eating less processed food/meat and I do feel better. For me, there is a balance in life and I am just trying to find the best balance that helps me help others.

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Trying new things is fun and can save you time, effort and money. I wonder why people are so set in doing things the same way all the time?