Took down scammer HustleWing

internet crime
internet crime
Internet crime

I applied for a job on LinkedIn that was a scam. I realized this when I received an email from the company asking me to provide more information. I have already provided my name/phone on LinkedIn. If they couldn’t see that, they aren’t a real recruiter or lazy.

So I investigated and found this article. Then I realized that I had to do something. This is what I did.

  1. I reported the job as a scam on LinkedIn. LinkedIn surprised me and said that they limited the job posting to the person’s first-degree connections. That is a start.
  2. I then reported it as a scam to Amazon. You can still report suspicious communication to us at Sending the suspicious communication as an attachment is the best way for us to track it.
  3. After that, reported it to the FTC. To report suspicious phone calls or SMS/text messages to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), visit and follow the onscreen assistant.
  4. Sharing it with you here so you don’t fall victim to it.
  5. Looked up their address and one website said they were in NY. Bingo. Contacted the NY attorney general and filled out a fraud complaint.

One of these organizations is going to make HustleWing rue the day that they tried to defraud people. It is easy to complain but it takes a little bit of effort to report scammers and close them down. Don’t be a victim, report criminals.

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