Thinkpad with Linux looks best with projector

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Linux Comic
Linux comic

It surprised me, but today I configured a ThinkPad with Mint Linux and it looked better than my gaming computer with Windows 11.

Which frankly is ridiculous. The gaming computer costs 3 times the price of the older computer, and it only has built-in UHD graphics. There is no reason it should look better. It should look worse, but it doesn’t.

There seems to be a flaw with NVIDIA that when connected to this projector/other displays it can flicker and show what looks like quick long verticle-thin stripes. I originally bought this computer to play the next version of a game I loved, but that sequel was a bust and still is. How disappointing it was for many people.

What does this mean? A very expensive PC and a more expensive Mac have a worse video output to a projector than a former cheap old Windows 10 laptop. It isn’t fair. A better video GPU should give us better performance for a projector yet it does the opposite.

People always say “You get what you pay for.” Not always, and in the future if companies want to display something I will suggest a Linux laptop.

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