There is a lesson in everything

ninja foodie screenshot

There is a lesson in everything. Including a new convection toaster oven, I bought.

I had to recently buy this toaster oven because the landlord turned off the gas to the oven/stove to make emergency repairs. I chose to buy a Ninji Foodie mostly because of its good reviews and size. So far this purchase has been great. I have used it for the last week and it seems to do a better job cooking than the old basic oven that came with this very old apartment.

If that is the case then why mention it? Today for the first time I broiled in it. I had never broiled before in my life. I never had an oven/appliance that it worked in. I figured out that 15 minutes might be a good time to cook steak, and then I did some research online that said that was about right. It said to flip it halfway, but lazy old me thought “I don’t need to do that.”

When it finished cooking the bottom part of the steak was undercooked. You know what, I did need to do that. Being lazy is fine if there is no other way, but sometimes you have to put in the effort to get the results you want.

Right now it is cooking for another 10 minutes, flipped over and I think it will be good then. I expect there is a learning curve with a device as flexible as a convection toaster oven. I had never owned one before in my life. I move often so I didn’t feel that it was better than the built-in stove that I always had. I was wrong. It has some neat features like dehydration and others that I am looking forward to trying out.

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The other helpful thing about this is that it uses less electricity than an electrical oven/stove. I have a gas oven/stove but it will pay for itself if you buy it. I like that it was more at a convenient level. As a child, I had a microwave and it was cool but as I learned about how it destroys the nutritional content of food I stopped using it. I haven’t used a microwave for years now and feel healthier because of it.

To me, if you have a microwave and like things fast, having a convection toaster oven is a better and healthier alternative. Ok, it sounds like the food is done now. I can’t wait to try it out.