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The tripod included with my projector is not ideal

Projector Comic Gingerbread
Projector Comic Gingerbread
projector comic gingerbread

I have struggled to maximize the size of my projector image on my screen and have it look as good as possible. Today I made another discovery. Their included tripod was too high for an ideal image.

Part of the issue with an Ultra Short Throw projector is the unique way that it reflects the image. Depending on the distance from the screen, the projector will automatically try to adjust the image. This was nice they were trying to help me, but ultimately it didn’t help. I have had the projector for more than a month and it’s been fascinating how it works.

I used a shelf before that was too short so I tried using the tripod. I kept having problems with the keystone and I realized there had to be an easier way. So I tried another object that I set the projector on that was six inches lower than the lowest the tripod could go. It doesn’t sound like a great deal of difference, but for this kind of projector, it makes a big difference.

What was the result of this? Now I don’t have the distortion of the keystone. If you have to rely on keystone adjustment, you need to find a better solution. If my cheap projector tries to adjust the keystone, then I am sure more expensive projectors do this as well. Part of the problem is that I have a problem with distance. I have a short distance to move it in my living room, and I also need to be able to walk past it to get to the couch. Since I can’t mount the screen on the wall I am using an outdoor screen in the living room. It looks like I am living at a drive-in theatre. It also means that the distance of two feet makes the space even more narrow that I can adjust it.

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Part of me is thinking why they would include a cheap tripod unsuited to the projector. I bought it as a set and they said it was tested and works together. Thats part of the reason I bought it. I wanted to see what a professional could do versus what I could do in the future with education and experience. I can only assume that since they assumed the outdoor screen would be used outdoors, they weren’t concerned about the operation in a smaller indoor area. That is the most charitable explanation I can give.

Now I am typing on the screen and this is the first day that I have used the screen without adjusting the keystone. Avoiding the keystone adjustment gives you the best picture.