Tell people they are awesome

Awesome Comic

We don’t tell people they are awesome enough.

I am not saying this because I need it, but because it can give such great pleasure to make others feel good. Everyday I compliment someone to show them how they are unique and valueable.

Awesome Comic
awesome comic

Yesterday for example I shared with a team member that I appreciated his team spirit and interaction with the other team members in the channel. Everyone deserves to be respected and responded to, and I love it when others feel the same way.

You don’t have to be eloquent or smart, or even funny to compliment someone. Just be sincere and honest, and that is enough. What I have discovered is that when you make others feel good you also feel good. However we don’t compliment to feel good ourselves, we do it because the other person deserves it and it is only fair for their helpful choices and behavior.

We support people more by being helpful and praising then we ever do in being critical and demanding.

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