Stories from my Past: You need new tires

'Sorry, ma'am, we don't carry snow tires for that!'

If you drive used cars, you usually end up learning about car repair.

'Sorry, ma'am, we don't carry snow tires for that!'
‘Sorry, ma’am, we don’t carry snow tires for that!’

Learning about cars can be interesting if you are a technical or curious person. For the most part, I don’t mind learning about different cars and how they work. However at some point, the weakness in having a used car is that you have to trust a mechanic, and that doesn’t always work out.

I had a ten-year-old car that had been reliable but suddenly started to have lots of expensive issues. I fixed those issues but was left wondering if some of them were not necessary and if the mechanic wasn’t being honest with me. The business had a general reputation for honesty, but that doesn’t mean individuals won’t be honest. What made me suspicious is when he said that I needed new tires.

The car had an almost new set of Blizzak winter tires on them. The mechanic said that driving Winter tires in the summer would cause them to be worn down quickly and that they would be ruined by fall. I couldn’t understand how that could happen but didn’t disagree with him. When I was a child the winter tires were left on vehicles and they seemed to do just fine. So I listened to his talk that I needed to spend $1200 on tires, and then said I will think about it.

I did research and many other people who had Blizzak tires drove them during the rest of the year and didn’t have a problem. So I didn’t have $1200 lying around like that, and I thought I would just take my chances. Guess what? It turns out that the tires didn’t get worn out, and they were just fine. If I had bought those tires I would have caused myself all kinds of problems and costs getting them remounted and rebalanced¬†for the winter.

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You can listen to anyone, but very often people are ignorant of the truth. Be careful in your decisions.