Stories from my past: Mentors I’ve learned from

mentors comic

I have had many great mentors in my life. Too many to list, but I want to list here some of the ones who have made such a profound impact on my life. I am slightly obscuring their identity since I don’t have a way to contact them to ask for permission.

mentors comicThe first big impact was a teacher who was so intelligent and brilliant in so many ways. She was good at many things and I admired her creativity and philosophy. I used to talk to her every day in the morning and I remember how stunning her insights seemed. Perhaps it is common sense to an adult, but as a growing person, I found her kindness and thoughtfulness inspirational. I always enjoyed speaking with her on any topic.

The second big impact was another teacher who was actually friends with the first. She was equally brilliant and deep, and I used to speak to her after school. She challenged my ideas and I found her fascinating. I never understood why others didn’t appreciate her obvious intelligence and spirited nature. I got to know her for 3 years and I still find things that she shared with me about life that I realize today.

The third big impact was a healer/doctor who let her example display her wisdom. She would listen to me make mistakes and allow me time to be on my own path and reach my own understanding and conclusions. From her, I learned many things and sometimes would hear her voice saying something she suggested might help. I sought out her suggestions since I don’t know everything and appreciate those who are able to help me find more helpful ways to live and be happy.

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Why am I sharing this? Too often people are not appreciated for who they are, and I believe that when we accept and value others we do the best thing we can do in our lives. I don’t know the answers to life’s problems, but I do know that accepting people has made more difference in my life than anything else I’ve ever accomplished.