Stories from my Past: Listen to me!

man listens comic

Listening is so hard for busy people. Yet when they don’t listen, they only hurt themselves.

I helped a customer who was frequently on the phone when he asked me to help him. If he wasn’t on the phone, he was talking to someone in the room or otherwise distracted. So he would ask a question and then when I was telling him the answer he would walk away. It was a challenge often to help him understand what he needed to do.

man listens comic
man listens comic

One day I was helping him with an iPhone issue and he asked a question and like usual, he then made a phone call that he remembered while I was telling him the answer. So he is talking and I stop talking so I wait for his phone call to be over. Then I continue and someone walks in and starts talking to him. I patiently wait some more. I tell him after he finishes talking to that person and then leave.

Five minutes later I get a call asking me to come back. I return and he asks the exact same question I had answered just before. I give him the answer again and then ask him if there is anything else before I leave. I leave and I am not even off the floor before my cell phone goes off again. I return and answer the same question again. I had to smile while I answered him because I can’t get mad that he didn’t listen.

The point of this isn’t to complain about having to do all this. When you are paid a job it doesn’t matter to me if he wanted me to answer the question all day. The point of this is that he would have saved himself time by just focusing on the answer and listening. When people don’t listen, they only hurt themselves.

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