Stories from my Past: Generous people come from all walks of life

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Generous people come from all walks of life.

I was randomly watching videos and I watched this one below that made me cry. What was so touching is that one of the workers they gave money to also gave her money to someone else. She was working at 2 am in fast food and making minimum wage.

I used to work in fast food and it was the worst job I ever had. So I could sympathize with her reality. She obviously needed the money, and yet she gave her money to a person who was homeless and trying to sleep in one of the booths. What a kind and generous person she is!

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to give to others. I had that opportunity yesterday with a woman at the bank who was the victim of fraud and didn’t have any money in her account. In fact, she was overdrawn. I know what it’s like to not have money. I approached her and said that I overheard what she said and that I wanted to give her a gift. I only had $20 but I offered it to her. She took it and looked like she was going to cry.

What is so wonderful in this is the feeling you can give someone of hope and peace. We think that we can’t do much in the world, but when we respond to someone with kindness and love we do the greatest thing anyone can ever do in life.

It got me thinking that perhaps rather than spend money on things that don’t make me happy in life, I should give more money to people in need. I have a habit of giving, but perhaps I could give more. Every day I try to give something to someone. Sometimes it is just a sincere compliment, and sometimes it’s a piece of candy or a note. You have to show people they are respected and valued.

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Don’t misunderstand. I am not sharing this because I am bragging. I am sharing this to explain that doing good, makes you feel good. How often do we lose sight of that in this materialistic world.