Stories from my past: You win some, you loose some

taxi gift comic

Have you ever gotten in a Taxi and thought you had more money than you do? Maybe this doesn’t happen to my richer readers, but it happened to me. I thought I had a 10 spot, and apparently when it was time to pay I only had a $5. I offered to mail him the rest but he wasn’t interested. I can’t blame him. I doubt many people keep their promises.

taxi gift comicWhy did I share that? To share this story. A few days ago I took a taxi ride and I had plenty of money. I had a $20 for a $8 fare. So when it comes time to pay I handed him the $20. I learn from my mistakes. The driver says that he doesn’t have any change, and his cab has no credit card reader. So I just tell him that it is his lucky day and prepare to leave. He says that he will remember my face (bald with glasses) and that I will get credit the next time I ride with him. I doubt that will happen but oh well if it does.

So sometimes in life, you win some, and sometimes you lose some. I like this saying better: Sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you.

Update: It turned out that I never got him as a cab driver again. I moved from the area so I won’t ever get the credit. No big deal. Trying to get even in life isn’t worth it, and sometimes just a few dollars can make a big difference in someone’s life. I didn’t miss a few dollars and unfortunately, taxi drivers don’t make much of a salary.

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