Stories from my past: Opportunities for kindness

walking people photo
walking people photo

Today I took a friend to work. She works in a hospital and sometimes I have to wait for her because of her uncertain schedule. While I was waiting a woman walked in who was very unsteady and using a crutch. She fell and the only people around were me and some senior citizens who were manning the help desk.

“Let’s help the lady get up.” said the two help desk staff. However because she was a normal healthy 40-year-old woman, they didn’t have the strength to pick her up. I walked over to see if I could help and the woman in charge said “Maybe you can help her.”

I leaned over and helped pick her up. Her legs were very weak and she couldn’t have gotten up by herself. I said to the woman that she needs a wheelchair and she sent the other guy off to get one. When the wheelchair arrived she was able to navigate into it herself.

We talked and it turns out that she is attending physical therapy 3 times a week. She said she wasn’t hurt and seemed more good-natured about it than anyone else I had seen. She had something called lupus. She was on the road to recovery and had a great attitude. She thanked me and I was glad to help.

Life gives you opportunities for kindness. Don’t miss them.


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