Stories from my Past: My name is Gina

taxi photo

I often have strangers come up to me in public and ask me for help. My friends say that I’ve got a helpful demeanor. I think it’s sometimes because I like helping people so people seem to sense that. I think that if you are open to experiences, the experiences seem to find their way into your life.

taxi photoI was at the train station once and I noticed a woman looking forlorn. She was a mom by her appearance and had some luggage. I asked her if she was looking for a cab like I was and she said yes. She approached me and I spoke to her about where to ask for a cab and walked with her to see if we could find a cab. We were talking and it turns out that we were going to the same place! So we shared a cab there.

While that was happening, another woman who was young approached me. She was lost as well and asked how to get to the other side of the station so she could go in the other direction. Well, normally it was some stairs you could take and then walk down the road. However, there was a sign saying the stairs were off-limits and no directions. I helped her find an alternative way to go. I introduced myself and she said, “My name is Gina.” I think it’s polite to tell the person you are helping your name. That way if something goes wrong they can blame you by name to their friends.


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