Stories from my past: It is a small thing

vision problems comic 1

It really surprises me when I reflect and consider that so often what we can give to others is so large, yet costs us so little. I like to shop at thrift stores to help recycle things, and I once came across a new reclining chair for $25. It was beautiful both in how it was constructed and its cleanliness. I would have paid far more for it. I took it home and felt very lucky.

vision problems comicOne day my grandmother came by and sat in the chair. She really liked it. This is great because often when you get older, it is hard to find support in the chairs you buy.

The next day I brought the chair to her house and gave it to her. She was very surprised and said no, but I insisted. “It is a small thing”, I said. It really was. So what if I give up a chair that I didn’t know existed the day before? What am I really out?

She kept the chair until she died almost another 5 years. It was her main chair and she really enjoyed it. What is the price of comfort or enjoyment in your final years? When you give something, you never know what the results will be. The gift of giving is enough and the reward is itself. If you can’t see the reward of giving, then give until you do.

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