Stories from my past: I told you not to touch the invoices!

food comic

After watching the show WWYD I am more inclined to stand up and say something when I see an injustice. I had the opportunity to put that to the test with a new lunch place I visited. It had great food and service and I was enjoying my lunch at a table when one of the managers said very meanly to one of the employees “I told you not to touch the invoices! Don’t do it again.” I was just trying to enjoy my lunch when this emotional scene unfolded. I could see that the worker was embarrassed and quiet.

food comicSo this caused me to flashback to a time in my past when my first job was working at a fast-food restaurant. My ignorant boss also yelled at me in front of people and I remember how embarrassed I was. She used to say “I never graduated high school, and look at me now! I’m a shift manager and making twice as much as you that did graduate high school.” What can you say to that? Anyway, I snapped back to the present and made a decision.

I asked to speak to the manager and explained that yelling at an employee in front of others was bad enough, but you don’t do that in front of customers as well. I said that I had worked in fast food and that yelling never helped me do any better. He agreed with me and apologized and said he would handle the situation. If we take care that everyone is respected, what a world this will be!

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