Stories from my past: Easy come, easy go.

credit card photo
credit card photo

Often I like to walk with my friends. One day when I was walking I noticed a $20 on the ground. I looked around and didn’t see anyone so I showed my friend. I tucked it away and felt lucky that I got the $20.  It’s not the first time I have found money though.

The first time I found money was 15 years ago during a point of my life where I was financially struggling. I was waiting at an airport customer service desk. I happened to look around and see an envelope on the floor. Since I am a curious person I picked it up and opened it, it was jam-packed with $20 bills! I quickly turned and counted it and it was over $800!  “What should I do?” I thought.

Immediately I thought of what I would have done if I had lost this money and someone else had found it. I would have wanted them to turn it over. I thought that perhaps the person who lost this money was like my grandmother. She didn’t believe in credit or credit cards, so she would be carrying what she needed in cash. So I told the desk person what I found and he took it over and promised to turn it in to the proper authorities.

The next day I called to verify that the money got to the police as he promised. I was told that no money was reported “turned in” and that they would check with the police and call me back. They never did. It is entirely possible that the money never got to the police or the person who answered the phone didn’t know. That is the thing about being honest. You never know if it makes a difference, but you always should behave in a way that you would want others to act toward you.

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