Stories from my Past: Do you have any 50 cent books?

check out library books comic

I love going to the library and often when you visit they have areas where they sell used books for almost nothing. Once I went to a new library and they had a huge area of books for sale. So I looked them over and found some I liked. I went up to the clerk to check out my $4 worth of books, and a young kid about 12 said “Do you have any 50-cent books? I want to read something about sports.” She pointed out the sports section.

check out library books comicWhile she was totaling up my books the kid came back with a book and asked if it was 50 cents. She said no it was $2. The kid was disappointed since the cover of the book had a famous sports star. So immediately I knew what I had to do. I said “Don’t worry. I will pay for your book.” The kid was surprised and asked, “Can I just go?” I said, “Yes I got it.” He skipped out of the library overjoyed and thanked me for the book.

It is so easy to help someone when it only costs a few dollars and it gives you such a good feeling. I don’t understand why more people don’t do it.

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