Stories from my Past: Chocolate overload

chocolate photo

One of my weaknesses is chocolate. One day I was tired and needed a boost so I went to a nearby store to buy a chocolate bar. The problem is that the store owner had a minimum of $5 for a debit card so I had to buy more than a single bar. I bought four of them.

chocolate photoI started to walk back to my desk and realized that this was too much temptation for me. So I went to a neighbor and asked if she wanted any chocolate. I explained that she would be doing me a favor. She gladly accepted. She had another coworker in her office so I offered her some as well. She accepted. Great! Now only two bars to eat.

They were delicious and improved both my mood and performance the rest of the day. Isn’t it wonderful that we live in a time and place in which so many of our needs and even desires can be simply fulfilled? So much to be grateful in life for.

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