Stories from my past: $5 are you serious?

car service comic

If you have ever had a minimum wage job you know how difficult they can be. Most of the time you are not treated respectfully, and you can feel that the lack of respect and salary is indicative of your own personal worth. I try to make the lives of those I interact with better, whether that is making them laugh or giving them some small help. I had that opportunity when I filled up my friend’s car.

car service comicI noticed that the station was now full-service instead of the self-service that it used to be. The price wasn’t any different, and it was cheap so my friend would appreciate that in the money he gave me. The service person got busy filling up the car and I noticed that he was running around helping quite a few people fill up their cars. We made some small talk as he was working with me and I discovered that he sounded frustrated and looked tired. I told him I appreciated his efforts and that I had something for him. I pulled out my wallet and all I had was a $5 bill. I gave it to him. He looked at it and said “$5 are you serious?” I thought that the amount was too little and apologized to him and said that was all I had. He said that he was glad to get anything and that he really appreciated the tip and it was the first he received. I told him that the salary we are paid never reflects our worth as a person. I am not sure he agreed with that, but perhaps in time, he might.

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