Stop buying depreciating things

car service comic

One of the things that I learned in life is to stop buying depreciating things.

I enjoyed trying out new cars but this was too expensive to continue. I also started to keep my computers longer as long as they did the job and weren’t too much of a hassle to deal with. Now I have a wonderful PC/Mac that is incredibly fast and I’m very pleased with its responsiveness. I would only get a new computer if something happened to make these inoperable.

car service comic
car service comic

Now I shared that I bought a larger TV about a year ago. I like the TV in general but after I bought the MSI laptop, the color is off. When I watch movies and share the screen with the TV the color looks better on the laptop than on the TV. I looked at what TV’s cost now and the same TV is 300 dollars cheaper. This is remarkable to me. The TV also has a high-pitched noise which is irritating to me, and so I am seriously considering giving it to a friend and buying a different brand. I look at the TV for my work screen each day and it has made my eyes feel great. Plus I’d like to try a different screen technology and see if that is even better for my eye health.

Still, another part of me stays to stick with this TV and the next TV might be worse. I am still researching and going over some reviews to see if a different TV is worth it and what the quality is. I don’t need much but I do know that the time of using 15-inch screens is over for me. They just are too limiting in meetings where they share complex information.

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Very few things increase in value. Really the only thing I have that does that is my small IRA. I have decided that I am not as interested in trying new products as I once was. I don’t know if this is wisdom or laziness, but I went overboard in the past buying and trying things. As I get older I learn that having better balance has made me happier. Have you found yourself changing the frequency at which you do things?

Of course, if you have more money than you know what to do with, you can buy all the depreciating things you want. They won’t make you happy. Things are interesting, but they are just toys and not ends in themselves to enjoying life.