Stainless steel water container works great

water jugg screenshot

Some people believe that drinking a gallon of water a day is helpful. In order to do this you need a good container.

I had bought a plastic container in the past but I never felt comfortable with the plastic. I read an article that said that even BPA-free plastic can disrupt your hormones. I found a way to carry the water and not have plastic.

This $50 RTIC kit has been wonderful. It feels very solid and I have no doubt it will last a long time. I think it is fair for the money. I didn’t want to get a cheaper painted one since the paint wears out and I don’t want to deal with a chipped look.

One of the interesting things about this bottle is that with the double walls, the volume inside Is smaller than it looks. Therefore it doesn’t feel as heavy as you might think it would be when it is filled with liquid.

Is there a downside? I would say that the handle being on the lid itself is something that isn’t ideal. It would have put it on the side which would have given it more long-term strength. It is a strange choice for me. I understand the design appeal but it is not great long term.

Still given the price and features this seems like it will be a good investment. Good luck!

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