Solve the biggest problem

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There are many problems in life, but it always helps to focus on solving the biggest problem.

This is the biggest problem you can solve. As an IT person and consultant, I have been called in to work in places that have many issues. It is obvious that they haven’t had the time or priority to fix issues. Small wins are nice, but most IT people can fix the small stuff. Doing what is hard is what you are paid to do.

Therefore, the biggest problem is usually based in some political or unknown issue. The political reality might be that it is perceived as stepping on someone’s toes, and the unknown nature is because no one is an expert at it yet.

It is easy to come in as an expert and say how things should be. It is more difficult when companies seem to work against you when you are trying to solve their issues. I always find this interesting. There are many competing interests at most companies, and true teamwork is rare.

For example, on one job I worked one department worked against another department because they had “always done it that way.” When they were asked to change, they said that they didn’t have a problem with what they did.

It took time but eventually, the department realized that the new process was easier for them. When you can make someone’s job easier, they tend to do whatever is the easiest process.

Getting to easy is difficult, but thats why you are a professional isn’t it?

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