Solve a problem by listening to music on repeat

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I did some research

You can benefit in many ways by listening to music on repeat. It can provide comfort, increase focus, and many other benefits. Why did I look this up? I have been guilty of listening to music on repeat as well. Currently, I am listening to Groove Armada – Get Out on the Dancefloor.

Ever since I first heard it it has been haunting me. I listened to it for several hours last night. I think part of it was the fun video that showed people dancing during COVID. It showed such a picture of joy and hope and that is so powerful. When things are difficult, inspiring things can be helpful to listen to. I am not particularly stressed but I just find this a fun and rewarding song.

When I was listening to it last night I felt myself get into a zone and I was thinking wow this is fun. I wanted to share that so that this technique could be used to help people focus if they didn’t know it. For me, music is so comforting. For HSP I think we are easily influenced by culture and it is easy to feel the spirit of it. While this can be very rewarding, it can also be exhausting and things like music help us buffer the emotions of others.

Listening to music is also interesting in how it can bring things to the surface of your awareness. You can sometimes be aware of beliefs, feelings, or whatever by listening to music and seeing how you react to it. Music is like a massage for the soul. It helps you to understand what you are feeling and when you pay attention to what is going on inside you can get insight into your character and personality. I wrote an article yesterday because I felt emotional and then responded to that by writing. I would not have written that article if I hadn’t listened to music on repeat. It directly helped me to focus my thoughts and feelings and write.

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When I worked in the office I listened to classical music and that was very relaxing. I could let go of the stress of the stimulation of the environment and focus on the music to distract me. Music was also stimulation but just like video games, it allowed me to focus and to block everything else out. Video games are as much about managing being an HSP as being fun. I appreciate things that are two in one like music and video games. Entertaining in their own right, and relaxing to let go of distractions.

HSPs are usually emotionally intelligent. This is a requirement to survive.