Solution to fix no sound in OpenSuse

Tumbleweed Open Suse
Tumbleweed Open Suse
tumbleweed open suse

My secondary laptop didn’t have a working sound. This was the cheap one I hadn’t noticed earlier because I had not used it for sound. Previously on the laptop, I had Mint Linux which worked with the sound output to the projector in the past that had built-in speakers. At my friends with no sound, I had to fix the issue.

Now stop you say to me. Didn’t you already say that you had it connected through HDMI? I know that HDMI transmits the sound as well. I did and do, but the sound wasn’t being transmitted through HDMI so it wasn’t playing on the TV. When I looked at the details of Linux it said that had no sound module loaded. Interesting.

So of course I googled this and I discovered that there was a bug for some users and that it was easily solved. All you had to do is type “sudo zypper install sof-firmware” and it would install the software. Then you would reboot. When I did this the sound showed as working. I was thrilled.

It is always a good feeling when you can make something work. This seems to be an issue with ThinkPad laptops since everyone who had this issue had a similar older ThinkPad like me. This wasn’t an issue with my newer MSI computer. The sound worked perfectly.

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