Sleeping next to a heater can cause you to feel dizzy in the morning

Dog Dizzy Comic

This is what I learned a few days ago. Once I turned off the heater I wasn’t dizzy in the morning.

I had been sleeping next to an oil-filled radiant heater when the nights were freezing. In my apartment the windows are cheap and they don’t block the cold very well. Even with a heavy curtain they still put a chill in the room. Having a heater allowed me to sleep at night. If I didn’t have it on, I might wake up during the night because I was cold.

Dog Dizzy Comic
dog dizzy comic

However the last week or so I felt dizzy when I woke up in the morning. I did some research and other people had the same dizziness when they used a heater to keep warm during the night. I did an experiment and turned off the heater and wasn’t dizzy in the morning. That was good enough for me. Also, I added more blankets to the bed cover so I was warm without needing the heater.

I also talked to my doctor about feeling dizzy about this and she asked me if I had been drinking enough water, how far it was away, and if the room was humid. If you wake up with a dry mouth that means that the room is too dry. Many things can cause dizziness including excessive heat.

It is warming up where I live so this solution will work for me. It will also have the effect of using less electricity. A win/win for everyone.

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