Shipping with too much tape


I’m always afraid that computers might open up in the boxes that are used to ship with. I have this habit of using too much tape, but the people who I send them to never complain about it and so far they have all arrived safely.

Why am I sharing this? I sent out a box today that had a PC/Mac/iPad. There was a cushion between them and I put a clean wash towel at the top to make sure that the iPad didn’t slip around during shipment. Then I wrapped tape around it three times in three different places so I feel pretty good it will be safe.

So now I am down to 5 devices which feels great. Instead of my U shaped desk being overloaded with hardware it looks reasonable now. I once worked at a company where the person working with me said he had 20 different laptops pilled up in a corner with companies that didn’t send him a box to return them. Yikes. I wouldn’t want that. I would try to recycle or use them.

Surprisingly my electric bill was $73. Most of the time all of the lights are off except the projector and the 1-3 laptops that I randomly use during the day. My main one is where I do the bulk of the work, but the secondary is my notification window. It shows my RSS feed, teams chat/outlook email, and LinkedIn. That gives me the full focus on what I am doing on my main machine. I rarely have to use the 3rd machine which is the mac unless there is an emergency.

For example this morning I had a meeting and the person wanted to see my face and I hadn’t figured out how to do that yet in Linux. So I fired up the meeting on my mac and the video worked perfectly. Now that it is working on Linux Mint I will be using that. Interestingly the video quality is poor on Linux so I will be looking at that further. It hides my flaws so I’m not so motivated to fix it. Just kidding I’ll figure it out today.

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Its OK to overdo things sometimes, if the cost of not doing it is more expensive. I have seen plenty of things damaged in transit because they weren’t packed well enough and I don’t want to be the cause of shipping issues.