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Sharing information and withholding it

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You can never be sure of people’s motives when they share information or withhold it.

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I share what I learn in my job with my coworkers. That way they can learn from my mistakes and the time I spent. Almost never do my coworkers share with me what they learn.

I don’t think anything bad or good about this. Coworkers are busy and they may not feel that what they have to contribute is important to others. Or maybe I am wrong to share without someone asking me to share. As a coworker sharing information is very natural for me. I want others to know and understand what I do.

Where it gets complicated is when it comes to managers or supervisors. I think the definition of a leader is someone who helps you to grow and be more efficient. When someone who is in charge of you doesn’t help you by sharing information it really makes you wonder why. I am not going to speculate why people don’t share information. Some information clearly can’t be shared because it is confidential. Some information I don’t need to know. However, there is plenty of information that can be shared and can help tremendously and it isn’t shared.

That’s what I want to talk about here. I discover this information in every job and I wonder why this isn’t shared. When I ask my supervisor they say it is important that people know, but that they didn’t have time to share it, or they didn’t think of sharing it. I know that some people feel that if they hold on to information they will be invaluable. I think just the opposite. If I can work myself out of a job, that is the ideal state. I want to be able to be on vacation and feel confident that my coworkers can do everything that I was doing.

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I know that not everyone feels that way. There is much fear in jobs for people I notice. They feel the need to control information and it hurts everyone. I don’t understand why this is, but like anything you take the helpful with the unhelpful. If you can share information, please do.