Say no to fear that made to manipulate you

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I’m tired of reading the news with BS stories made to create fear. Tired of it!

I like being informed but I think there is a point in reading news that is excessive. I think I should stop reading the news when I am no longer capable of critical thinking. If I start to believe what the media wants me to believe, then I am not helping myself I am hurting myself.

Let’s talk about an example. The news headlines scream how we might have a recession of the tax ceiling stuff doesn’t happen. In the years past I was nervous about the debt ceiling, but of course, it passed every time just in the nick of time. I came to the realization that when I am stressed about things I can’t control I don’t help myself or others. I will not stress about things that I can not control or influence.

Fearmongering is so common and the results are so toxic. It makes people less willing to have democracy, and it makes them unhappier as a result. All media fearmongers and I am sick of it. I am not going to be afraid of the fear that is made to sell and make people engage in fear-based thinking. Too much of life is made up of BS where people try to tell you things that only are designed to make them more money.

I wrote an earlier article about not believing the hype. Rarely can you find an independent source that you can trust in the world. Everyone has their own agenda. Even companies that say that they are balanced, or third parties say are balanced are not. I have read media/magazines that were rated politically neutral and I didn’t think they were neutral at all. Bias is pervasive and subtle.

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If you start to be afraid while reading, or watching something, don’t believe it. They are trying to manipulate you. Yes, things that are unhelpful exist, but they need an attitude of understanding not emotion to fix.