Save time using Brave browser because its a superapp

bravery and love image
bravery and love image
bravery and love image

In case you don’t know, a super app is an app that combines the functionality of separate apps. WeChat is famous in China for being able to do almost everything.

Since I was curious about the other functionality of Brave I started to investigate what might help me. One of its options is to have a brave offline music playlist. However, since I put my music playlist on my website, this doesn’t matter to me.

Another function it has is the ability to handle my RSS feeds. I loaded those up today and so far so good. Here are the pros/cons of it so far. The pros are that it looks nicer than NewsBlur which I was using before to do RSS feeds. It also has the nice feature of going directly to YouTube with the video rather than watching it in a smaller window or having to maximize the video to see it. That is time-saving. Plus by doing this you make sure that your content creator gets the views they deserve and supported for their hard work. It is less clear if the views through NewsBlur get counted for them as views.

Another pro is that I don’t have to log in to NewsBlur when it logs me out from inactivity. NewsBlur also sometimes doesn’t handle updates correctly and can have some glitches. I am used to them, but if this doesn’t have any glitches that will be an improvement. Nothing is perfect and everything in life is a trade-off.

I also enjoy that it suggests other news sources and allows you to hide news sources you may not want. That is nice as well. Giving users a choice is always a nice thing. My gut feeling so far is that it is better than NewsBlur and I will probably move to it. It also allows me to easily go to the source article which NewsBlur doesn’t because it wants me to pay money for the premium feature understandably.

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What is the downside? I had to spend a few minutes adjusting the customization at the bottom of the Brave new tab. Once that was done it looks nicer. I didn’t realize I could do that and if I had, I probably would have done it sooner. Now this will come up when I create a new tab and that couldn’t get any easier. Another downside is that there are ads but I’d rather have ads and functionality than Newsblur with no ads and severe gatekeeping.

I think I am going to love this RSS reader.