Save everyone time and know what makes you happy

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One of the most frustrating things is trying to help someone who doesn’t know what makes them happy.

For example, working in IT people say they want a fast computer that is easy to use. Fine, you give them that. Then they come back to you and change their mind on what they want. If they asked for a PC, they may want a Mac now. Or if they have a Mac, they may want a PC. Many companies now let you choose what you want. They get the other computer and they still aren’t happy.

No matter what you get in life there are always going to be issues. The choice of computer isn’t going to change your happiness it just makes some things easier and some things harder. To me, since everything has a tradeoff the choice of computer doesn’t matter anymore. It once did when the cloud wasn’t so big, but now that we can do things in the cloud the computer you use is far less important.

I have shared that I have been looking at AV systems and to be honest it is overwhelming. There is so much to learn about what is possible. When I got my TV I saw a new option called EARC and now that I understand that, I am debating if I should buy some erac compatible speakers and does that increase my happiness. It is always interesting to try new technologies, but there is also a substantial investment. Plus then I have to get more stuff and I want less stuff not more. Right now I am not inclined to buy more hardware.

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What makes you happy in the short term is often the opposite of what makes you happy in the long term. You would think that if you just focus on short-term things, then long-term happiness would come. It doesn’t work like that. You can have a nice AV or nice things and that doesn’t make you happy. Rich people understand that once you can afford something, a great deal of value goes away in having it. We are happier when we are aspiring, and less happy when we have achieved. Just ask people who get their dream job and then say “Now what?”

I’m not saying to go for your dreams. Go for it. Just realize that beyond your dreams, is happiness and we need to remember we can’t possess it. It is a byproduct of helping others and being kind.